Balance Sheet Templates

Balance sheet is one of the most important and major financial statements to determine financial health of a business setting or company. It is an accounting tool used by accountants to summarize assets, liabilities and shareholders’ equity for a definite period of time usually mentioned in its heading. Purpose of making balance sheet is to have an accurate idea about what a company owns, amount of money need to be paid by company for fulfillment of obligations or liabilities as well as amount invested by investors etc. Balance sheet template could be a helping hand to make error free balance sheet for a company or business.

Determining the liquidity of a business could be one of the major reasons to create balance sheet. Liquidity of business shows a business’s strength to pay back its liabilities or loans etc in timely manner. It attracts investors to invest more money in the business or company to get more return on investment. Balance sheet is generally prepared at the end of accounting year that can vary in different business settings and organizations. We are providing you an opportunity to download free balance sheet templates here to save your time.

Balance sheet sounds like snapshot of a business’s financial position after a particular period of time. Most of businesses prepare balance sheets after six months but most of them make it after one complete year. Your company may provide you a standard format to generate balance sheet. You can also use an editable balance sheet template prepared by experts to create a balance sheet with accurate figures. Scroll down the page and find balance sheet templates prepared in MS excel. These templates for balance sheet are totally free to download without any extra requirement.

Here Are Free Balance Sheet Templates

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