Letter Of Introduction Samples

Basic purpose of a letter of introduction is to introduce one party (writer) to the other (recipient) for a particular reason. It could be the very first step to connect two parties either for personal or business purpose. Writer the letter could be a business setting, company, seller, vendor or any other individual person. In business field, letter of introduction is written to potential customers, investors and other business entities to let them know about the company, its operations as well as products offered for customers etc. Letter of introduction templates are widely used to write perfect introduction letters.

Letters of introduction are vital part of business writing because they play a vital role in developing a business or company by generating new connections and customers. A company or individual seller may write such letter to a potential customer in order to offer products or services. Similarly, a sales representative or customer care officer may also write the letter to customers or another business entity to introduce himself as well as company before providing services. It helps readers to know about the company, its structure and other information that reader may need to know.

Individual persons can also writer introduction letter when they want to make relationships with others. In simple words, it sounds like a most important thing to bring two parties or people close for a particular purpose. Only accurate and to the point details should be mentioned in the letter. Use of the letter of introduction template will be great idea for you to word the letter accordingly. Sample letter of introduction can be downloaded here to get an idea on where to start writing an introduction letter in professional manner. Some of them are produced in MS word and have editing features to make changes easily.

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