Payroll Templates

Want to get rid of manual payroll procedure? Consider use of payroll template and increase productivity when it comes to calculate salaries and wages for your employees. Payroll is the process of calculating salaries, wages and deductions for employees and workers working in your company or business. Usually payrolls are prepared at the end of month but most of businesses pay their employees on weekly and biweekly basis. Our very simple to use payroll template not only helps you to calculate employee payments but it also allow you to keep proper record of payments made in recent months.

Payroll is a document showing important information about how much money the company will pay to its employees and what part of the money will go to each employee. A payroll’s contents may include names of employees, payment month, start and end date of the payment month, basic salary of each employee, overtime payment and other allowances, deductions made to settle employee accounts, total salary of each employee and grand total of employee payments etc. Many business settings use costly payroll software to calculate employee salaries but if you cannot afford one then simply download payroll template from here and kick start the process effectively.

Below you can see preview of payroll template which has each and every important element that you may need to create payroll easily. Our payroll templates are created in MS excel with blank spaces that must be filled by employer or company along with details like employee names, gross payments and deductions etc. calculations will be made automatically due to built in formulas and formats. Through this way, calculation of employee payments will be very easy and accurate. You can use a downloaded payroll template to make payrolls for all upcoming months in the year.

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