Proforma Invoice Templates

A commercial document prepared and issued by seller to buyer in order to confirm price and other details for the transaction before finalizing the deal or transaction is named as proforma invoice. It is usually prepared prior to finalize sales transaction or deal to define value of trade between seller and buyer. It works like a sales quote that shows estimated cost of transaction or business deal along with description of goods or services etc. Proforma invoice templates are accessible here to create high quality computerized proforma invoices for a small business or company. These templates are prepared in MS excel program for ease of users.

Such invoices are not used for accounts payable or accounts receivable record. Proforma invoice shows seller’s intention to sell mentioned goods or products to buyer at particular rate under particular terms and conditions. The buyer will not obliged to pay value mentioned in the proforma invoice because it is usually prepared before sales transaction. The seller or company will issue sales invoice to customer in order to get paid for goods sold. Proforma invoice will include name of the seller, date, invoice number, description of goods, total value of goods and validity of invoice etc. We suggest you to download free proforma invoice template from here to create and print professional looking invoices for your customers.

Proforma invoices are generally used to highlight planned transactions and deals before making final invoices to ask customer for payment after successful delivery of ordered products or goods. One can create such invoice in MS excel program using skills and expertise of Microsoft excel. A beginner can find proforma invoice template useful to increase productivity at workplace or in office. Highly editable features of proforma invoice template make it very easy to use and customize.

Here Are Proforma Invoice Templates

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