Military Alphabet Charts

Do you know about alfa to zulu? No? Let we explain that these are military alphabets used for communication in army jargons. It is known by everyone that talking in a loud place or bad reception area is very difficult when you need to communicate a very important message to the person on the other side of phone call. That’s why army personals use military alphabets to make everything clear in a best way to leave no room for confusion. Military alphabets are also known as NATO phonetic alphabets and often used to improve communication.

Military alphabet chart PDF helps military officials to learn how to improve communication over telephone call or radio transmission. We can say that military alphabet is ABC of military or army language that they use to make things clear during conversation or communication at noisy place. Whether it is a bad network or noise of gun fires, military personals must communicate with each other effectively which is possible with military alphabet PDF. When you are calling a group of army officials for support in hard situation, your commands and words must be clearly understandable because results can change overall situation.

Sometimes radio spoken words could be hard to understand but using military alphabets you can make communication better and clear. It helps you to prevent confusion between two letters with similar sounding. If you are totally unaware about military alphabet and want to learn them without getting assistance of any other person, then you are advised to download and use following military alphabet charts. These are free to download and printable via personal printer on different page sizes. You can insert favorite words in the list of military alphabets to make it easy to understand.

Download Military Alphabet Charts Here

Military Alphabet Chart 1. download bb

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Military Alphabet Chart 3. download bbMilitary Alphabet Chart 4. download bb

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