Bio Data Forms

An informative document sent with job application is often known as bio data. It allows a job applicant to indicate personal details and information in professional manner. Bio data forms are offered by companies with job advertisements. Most of people mix bio data with resume or CV but it is little bit different from both. In a bio data the major focus of writer is on personal information such as full name, date of birth, gender, religion, nationality, full address, marital status and so on. If someone will add work experience, expertise and other chronological details in the bio data then it will become resume.

Bio data is short form of biographical data that shows all possible personal details of an individual. Bio data forms are generally used when job seekers apply for government jobs or positions. Bio data form PDF usually sent with the job advertisement to gather all essential details about a job applicant along with job application. It helps recruiters to find out best job candidates for jobs in specific area or territory. Companies also ask new hires to fill bio data form in order to keep track of personal and contact details of employees for record keeping.

Core purpose of writing bio data is to introduce yourself in front of company or employer. It provides you enough room to tell that who you are, where from you belong, what type of personal traits you have and academic details etc. Ready to fill bio data forms are available on web to write perfect bio data for several purposes. You can also get bio data forms in PDF format from following links. You can use these PDF bio data forms to apply for a job as well as to provide new employer personal details.

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