Rent Roll Templates

You will be familiar with rent roll if you are managing rental property or working as a real estate agent. Here we are helping you to prepare rent rolls free by way of our rent roll templates. The document can come in handy when you need to track details about all your tenants along with other important info. Rent roll is also known as rent register which can be prepared easily if there is rent roll template available at place. Such templates are generated in MS word and excel programs for ease of users.

Some people define rent roll as a complete portfolio of renal properties that a particular landlord or real estate agent is managing. A detailed and carefully prepared rent roll may indicates details and info about tenants such as full name of tenant, description of property assigned to the tenant, expiry date of rental agreement, rental payment status and contact details etc. It helps a landlord or property manager to get paid in timely manner as well as to stay in touch with tenants in time of needs. You can make a register of rent or rent roll in MS excel from scratch using your excel expertise.

There are several reasons to make rent roll and one of them is keeping track of tenants and rental payments made by them till time. Complexity of making rent roll can depend on the time interval or number of properties for which you are making one. However, process of making a rent roll will become more efficient if you are using a perfect rent roll template. You can use a template to get inspirational ideas and can also use it after making required alterations. Choose a best rent roll template from given collection and download it for free.

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